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Publication description

The Messenger of Mathematics

Publication structure:
  • Glaisher, James Whitbread Lee (1848-1928). Red., The Messenger of Mathematics
    • T. XXXIII (1903-1904)
      • Young, Alfred (1873-1940), 1903-1904, The expansion of the nth power of a determinant
      • Hill, Micaiah John Muller (1856–1929), 1903-1904, On Weierstrass’s primary factor
      • Burnside, William (1852–1927), 1903-1904, On groups which admit certain isomorphisms
      • Biddle, D., 1903-1904, Correction of errors in two previous papers
      • Burnside, William (1852–1927), 1903-1904, On the coordinates of the eighth point common to a system of quadrics through seven given points
      • Young, William Henry (1863–1942), 1903-1904, On an extension of the Heine-Borel theorem
      • Burnside, William (1852–1927), 1903-1904, On linear substitutions of determinant unity with integral coeffcients
      • Hardy, Godfrey Harold (1877-1947), 1903-1904, Note on divergent Fourier series
      • The Messenger of Mathematics T. XXXIII (1903-1904), Spis treści i dodatki