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Publication description

The Messenger of Mathematics

Publication structure:
  • Glaisher, James Whitbread Lee (1848-1928). Red., The Messenger of Mathematics
    • T. XIX (1889-1890)
      • Pearson, Karl (1857-1936), 1889-1890, Note on clapeyron's theorem of the three moments
      • Cayley, Arthur (1821-1895), 1899-1890, On Latin Squares
      • Glaisher, James Whitbread Lee (1848-1928), 1889-1890, Note of series whose coefficients involve powers of the Bernoullian numbers
      • Glaisher, James Whitbread Lee (1848-1928), 1889-1890, Expansions of K, I, G, E in powers of k'2 - k2
      • Brill, J., 1889-1890, The solution of a special case of the problem of the establishment of a correlation between two plane figures (second paper)
      • Childe, G. F., 1889-1890, On a direct relation between the definite elliptic integrals of the first and second order
      • Glaisher, James Whitbread Lee (1848-1928), 1889-1890, On the expansion of G/K, K/G, I/E, &c., in ascending powers of k2
      • Cayley, Arthur (1821-1895), 1889-1890, Note on reciprocal lines
      • Franklin, Fabian (1853-1939), 1889-1890, A proof of the theorem of reciprocity for quadratic residues
      • Mannheim, Amédée (1831-1906), 1889-1890, Note de geometrie a propos d'un theoreme de M. Stewart
      • Michell, John Henry (1863-1940), 1889-1890, On the stability of a bent and twisted wire
      • Cayley, Arthur (1821-1895), 1889-1890, On the equation x17-1=0
      • Motoda, T., 1889-1890, Quaternion proofs of theorems relating to asymptotic lines
      • Segar, Hugh William (1868–1954), 1889-1890, Some inequalities
      • The Messenger of Mathematics T. XIX (1889-1890), Spis treści i dodatki