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First records of some Oribatid mite species (Acari, Oribatida) from Ukraine


Some Oribatid species new for fauna of Ukraine ; Pierwsze stwierdzenia kilku gatunków roztoczy (Acari, Oribatida) na Ukrainie


Hushtan, Habriel H.


Muzeum i Instytut Zoologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk

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Acariformes ; Oribatida ; mites ; first records ; Transcarpathian lowland ; Ukraine


Four species of oribatid mites known mainly from central Europe: Oppiella hygrophila (Mahunka, 1987), Oxyoppia europaea Mahunka, 1982, Achipteria cf. quadridentata Willmann, 1951 and Ceratozetes cf. psammophilus Horak, 2000 are recorded from Ukraine for the first time. The new records of the first three species extend the known areas of their occurrence to the east of Europe (Zakarpattia region).


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