Title: Optimization of Maintenance Costs of a Pipeline for a V-Shaped Hazard Rate of malfunction intensities


Romaniuk, Maciej Piotr. Autor

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Raport Badawczy = Research Report ; RB/5/2017


Instytut Badań Systemowych. Polska Akademia Nauk ; Systems Research Institute. Polish Academy of Sciences

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38 pages ; 21 cm ; Bibliography p. 35-38


In the paper I focus on an evaluation of maintenance costs of a water distribution system (WDS), if a concept of a value of money in time is taken into account. Contrary to more classical approaches, instead of a constant yield, a strictly stochastic process of an interest rate is assumed. Such an assumption presents uncertain, future behaviour of the yield in a more correct, realistic way. Moments of failures of connections in a WDS are generated using the Monte Carlo simulations via a new kinf of a convex hazard rate function (HRF), which is proposed in this paper. Moreover, quality of a pipeline and a number of previous failures have direct influence on statistical properties of this introduced HRF. Apart from an analysis of the simulated output, the Kiefer-Wolfowitz method is used for a better adjustment of one of parameters of a WDS - deterministic and unconditional replacement time of each pipe. Algorithms, for both simulations of the failure moments for the introduced HRF and the optimization step, are also provided. Additionally, some examples of a WDS for a crisp and a fuzzified settings are statistically analysed.


Raport Badawczy = Research Report

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oai:rcin.org.pl:104419 ; oai:rcin.org.pl:104419





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