Title: Władze Związku Sowieckiego wobec katastrofy czarnobylskiej


Dworaczek, Kamil (1985- )

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Article : original article


Studia z Dziejów Rosji i Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej T. 55 z. 1 (2020)


Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences


Instytut Historii im. Tadeusza Manteuffla Polskiej Akademii Nauk

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p. 155-176


The article describes the actions of the Soviet authorities undertaken throughout the first fortnight after the Chernobyl disaster. It addresses the questions of the liquidation of the disaster’s consequences, protection of people against radiation exposure, and information policy both in the country and abroad. It also attempts to answer the question where the mistakes were made and from what they resulted.


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Studia z Dziejów Rosji i Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej





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155 ; 176



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oai:rcin.org.pl:126959 ; oai:rcin.org.pl:126959 ; 1230-5057 ; 2353-6403 ; 10.12775/SDR.2020.1.06


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