Object structure

A hipped straw roof on the barn

Other names:

Polski Atlas Etnograficzny

Type of object:

Ethnographic object

Location- administrative unit (present):

Pątnów, wieluński district, łódzkie voivodeship

Location- administrative unit (former):

Pątnów, Wieluń district, Łódź voivodeship

Topographic location:

51°08'45.4"N 18°36'26.2"E

See the map:

51.145944, 18.607278 OpenStreetMap

Object description:

The photo presents a hipped straw roof on the barn

Author (of drawing, photo, record):

Bohdanowicz, Janusz



Accession number:

PAE S. 20 P. 28 p. X

General remarks:

Photo negative no. F 46/56/4/P 14 (19-24)

Subject and Keywords:

material culture ; settlement ; countryside ; barn ; hipped barn ; Polish Ethnographic Atlas ; PEA ; 20th c. ; Pątnów (Poland)


Polski Atlas Etnograficzny

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Public Domain

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Material outside of copyright protection. May be used without restrictions following from economic copyrights

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Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

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Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

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