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Single platform blade core

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Single platform blade core

Other names:


Archaelogical site:

Orońsko, site 2 ; mining field - flint mine, flint workshops


trench I4/ feature: 1, 2, 3


m. 1/1

Location- administrative unit (present):

Orońsko, Oronsko commune, szydłowiec district, mazowieckie voywodeship

Topographic location:

north-eastern margin of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains ; border of the Radom Plain (Wzniesienia Południowomazowieckie) and the northern part of the Iłża Foreland (Wyżyna Kielecko-Sandomierska)

Hydrographic network:

Oronka Valley - tributary of the Szabasówka River

AZP Number:


Object type:

flint artefact

Characteristics of the object:


Characteristics of the object- raw material:

patinated chocolate flint

Characteristics of the object- width:

60 mm

Characteristics of the object- thickness:

40 mm

Characteristics of the object- length:

75 mm

Object description:

single platform blade core with prepared striking platform and sides covered with the cortex ; the core is in the exploitation with the use of soft hummer

Research Manager/ Creator of Collection:

Kerneder-Gubała, Katarzyna

Author (of drawing, photo, record):

Kerneder-Gubała, Katarzyna



Accession number:



Pleistocene, Late Palaeolithic (Alleröd - Younger Dryas, GI-1a - GS-1) ; Tanged Point Technocomplex: Old Tanged Points

General remarks:

Archaeological research in the Orońsko commune were carried out as part of the project "Exploitation and processing of chocolate flint during Paleolithic and Mesolithic in the North-Western part of its deposits based on non-invasive archeological and geophysical research and test-trenches" financed by the National Science Center in 2016-2020 (2015/17 / N / HS3 / 01279)


Orońsko - kopalnie krzemienia czekoladowego

Detailed Resource Type:

Research data

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Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

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Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

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