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Rural architecture and garments


Demski, Dagnosław


Fotografie przedstawiające mieszkańców Gudżartu i Radżistanu oraz pakistańskiej prowincji Sind. Szeroki wybór zdjęć przedstawia krajobraz, budynki, przestrzenie wiejskie, portrety, wybrane obrzędy, ubiory codzienne jak i odświętne oraz ikonografię. Wykonano je w latach 1989, 1992, 1994 i 1996. Jest to zapis pracy etnografa, jak również miejsc – wsi i świątyń, w których był przyjmowany prof. Dagnosław Demski. Zdjęcia stanowią cenny zapis zmiany profesji, porzucenie starych zabudowań oraz zmianę tradycyjnego ubioru


Departure to distant pastures (Iconographic document)

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Obrazy Indii i Pakistanu-Pasterze rabari

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The photo shows the departure of dheberiya rabari shepherds to distant pastures. The men went with the herds beforehand, and the women join the camels with their children and belongings. There are mattresses, blankets, a wooden bed on the animal, as well as metal dishes and containers necessary for life in the fields. The youngest children are riding. Usually Women march in small groups. In the photo a woman who is leading a camel is wearing jewelry which indicates that she is married. Most of her jewelry is hidden. Behind her you can see another woman with a laden camel. These groups of women with camels are also accompanied by dogs. In the photo, the women leave their home village of Haruri. The stay away from home sometimes lasted up to 4 months. The sight of female rabari driving camels laden with their belongings was typical of those times.

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Demski, Dagnosław



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India part 3, box 23, 0058

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rabari shepherds (dheberiya) ; camels


Obrazy Indii i Pakistanu

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