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Title: Kumbha Mela


Demski, Dagnosław

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Allahabad ; Allahabad District ; Uttar Pradesh


Święto związane z cyklem Jowisza mające szczególne miejsce, gdzie Jamuna wpada do Gangesu w Allahabad (Prayag) w północnych Indiach, gromadzi co 12 lat kilkadziesiąt milionów pielgrzymów. Hinduistyczne obrzędy oraz rytuały są bardzo rozbudowane i trwają ponad dwa miesiące. Zdjęcia wykonane w 1989 roku


Kumbh Mela Festival (Iconographic Document)

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Obrazy Indii i Pakistanu-Kumbha Mela

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Photo (scan from slide). Kumbh mela views. In the foreground you can see the path taken by the procession of ascetics going to the waters of the Ganges and Yamuna. Above the heads of the pilgrims, you can see men belonging to the monastery of ascetics (naga), one of the strictest formulas of asceticism. They walk almost naked, smear ash on their bodies and their hair is braided in dreadlocks. They also wear a distinctive rudraksha necklace. Before them, the superiors of monasteries ride on carts. The road is separated from pilgrims by a fence made of thick piles. There is a crowd of pilgrims behind the fence. The ascetics are considered saints with power, and contact with them is considered a sign of prosperity. The procession takes place during the kumbh mela festival, which takes place in Allahabad every 12 years (after 6 years, there is a so-called half-mela). It is the most numerous festival in Northern India, and the uniqueness of Allahabad is that it lies where the Jamuna flows into the Ganges. The place where the waters merge, and this place is precisely visible in the different colors of the two waters - is considered to be particularly suitable for a bath during kumbh mela.

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Demski, Dagnosław



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India part 2, box 4, 0094


Obrazy Indii i Pakistanu

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Święto Kumbha mela (Dokument ikonograficzny) Nov 2, 2021

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