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[A multicultural harvest festival] [An iconographic document]

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The photo depicts a large group of people posing for the camera outdoors in front of lush green trees. Among the posing people there are women in folk costumes with a harvest festival wreath, musicians with musical instruments and many other participants. According to the photo’s owner, it depicts a village harvest festival organised by the local Country Youth Association in the village of Pańska-Dolina, Dubno district, Młynów commune in Volhynia, with the participation of neighbouring local Country Youth Associations from; Nowiny-Dobratynie (Poles and Ukrainians), Bryszcze (Poles, Ukrainians and Czechs), Libanówka (Czechs), Ledochówka (Poles, Ukrainians and Czechs). The event was attended by Polish, Ukrainian and Czech youth. The harvest festival parade with work tools (sickles, scythes, pitchforks) and harvest festival wreath and a music band playing and singing Polish, Ukrainian and Czech harvest festival songs marched through the whole village and in front of the Association’s seat it presented wreaths to good farmers and community activists from the village. At that time the Management of the Association was composed of: Donat (...), president; Antoni (...), secretary and the president of the neighbouring local Country Youth Association; Semen (...), treasurer; Lidia (...), culture and education secretary; Zofia (...) and Grzegorz (...). On the back of the photo there is the following inscription: "Youth Association in Pańska Dolina, Dubno voivodeship, Volhynia, 1935" ; 15th August 1935, Pańska Dolina, district Dubno, commune Młynów, Ukraine ; The photo sent to the contest named “Photography of the Polish village pre-1948” organized in 1983 by the quarterly “Fotografia” (Photography) and the weekly “Nowa Wieś” (New village). Copy of the photo kept at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (former Institute for the History of Material Culture)

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ethnography ; material culture ; social culture ; agriculture ; folk festival ; harvest ; harvest customs ; harvest wreaths ; musician ; musical instruments ; social bonds ; cultural contacts ; clothing ; folk costume ; Polish-Ukrainian-Slovakian borderland ; Volhynia (Ukraine) ; Pańska Dolina, Młynów commune (Ukraine)

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