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Title: The Pashtuns of the Afridi group on camels, Khyber Pass (Iconographic document)


Demski, Dagnosław

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Peshawar District ; North-Western Territory ; Pakistan


Photography (scan from a slide). Four riders on camels. They belong to a group of Afridi living in areas of the province of North-Western Territory in Pakistan. Camels is a traditional mean of in this region. Autumn in the mountains is cool. On the right side of the road a small road house building, formerly a post lying a few kilometers before the Pakistani-Afghan border. On the left the car – nowadays the most popular mean of for people. In the background landscape mountain road leading to the Khyber Pass on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is the main road from the west to the Indian subcontinent, known and described in the literature for hundreds of years. Currently the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Areas inhabited by Pashtuns. On the slopes of the mountains traces of homes posed in this harsh climate. Photo from 1992, A few years after the withdrawal of the Russian army in Afghanistan (1979-1989), and before the outbreak of a new conflict. Because of the war this area is currently (2013) dangerous and inaccessible

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