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Children from villages inhabited by wagadhi rabari (Iconographic document)


Demski, Dagnosław

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Rapar ; Kutch District ; Gujarat

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Photography (scan from a slide). A scene from the village in the eastern part of the Kutch district - Wagadh area. In the picture a woman carrying water on her head and five children of different ages. A woman is wearing a shepherds rabari dress - a skirt and black veil with colorful details. On the neck, arms and ankles jewelry - indicating the status of married women. On the hands she is wearing white plastic bracelets. Her outfit seems to be not as rich as women from neighboring groups of shepherds rabari - dheberiya and kaczchhi. Children are dressed poorly. Boys Pierced ears and earrings in the ear, and a necklace on one of the children are the only signs indicating their involvement in a rabari group, in this case wagadhi rabari, the last of the three endogamous groups inhabiting the Kutch district rabari. In the background you can see a wall of rural cottage, on the left the door leading to the place where animals remain for the night

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ethnography ; social culture ; social life ; material culture ; portrait of children ; wagadhi rabari

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