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Mommai Mata Temple (Iconographic document)


Demski, Dagnosław

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Chakar ; Kutch District ; Gujarat

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Photography (scan from a slide). Picture of poor quality. View over the entrance to the temple Mommai Mata on her holidays. Its date falls on the seventh day of the bright half of the month Aso (Aso Sud 7), falling out usually in late September and October. The temple is situated on a hill and unites multicaste residents of neighboring villages (one of the main temples of Rajputs Hothi in Mota Bandra. Down in the valley there is another temple of the goddess of caste shepherds rabari in which holidays are celebrated on the same day, but from dusk. In the picture you can see the gate leading into the temple with the inscription - Sri Mommai Ma and persons participating in the festival, and living in the surrounding villages (Chakar, Kotra). After a visit in the middle of the temple participants of ceremony go to the market located in front of the entrance

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ethnography ; social culture ; social life ; material culture ; hindu temple ; local holidays

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part 2, box 2, 0088


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