Title: Carte de la Mer Oriental du Nord entre les Costes de l'amerique, Occidentale et celles de la Tartarie Orientale ; avec les Isles Nouvellemen decouvert dedié a Monseigneur, le duc D'aiguillon Paire de France Ministre et Secretaire d'Etat


Beniowski, Maurycy August (1746-1786)

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Image ; Map

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Scale [ca 1:7 000 000] ; 1 map : manuscript, col. ; 90x194, on sheet 94x197 cm ; Map presents a currently little-known episode of his life - the escape on a Russian ship St Peter and Paul from Kamtchatka, through regions of the northern Pacific to a Portugese port in Macao ; The map was supposed to he part of Beniowski's diary entitled Journal de son Voyage par Mer depuis la presqu'ile de Kamtchatka jusqu'a Canton dans la Chine ; the diary was first edited in 1790 in Memoirs and Travel of Mauritius Augustus Count de Benyowsky ; The map was dedicated to the Duke d'Aiguillon, french minister of foreign affairs and was handed over by Beniowski to the minister in 1772 ; Prime meridian Paris ; Citied in: M. Bandzo-Antkowiak, 2013. Maurycy August Beniowski - confabulator or discoverer. Map of his journey found. Geographia Polonica vol 86, iss. 2, p. 171-173


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