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Regni Poloniae Magni Ducatus Lituaniae Provinciarum Foedere et Vasallagio illis junctarum, et Regionum vicinarum Nova Mappa Geographica Borussiae Principi Friderico Henrico Ludovico, Friderici Regis Fratri Forti Benigno Musis Amico, humillime dedicata a Joanne Jacobo Kanter


Kanter, Jan Jakub (1738-1786). Druk. ; Chodowiecki, Daniel Mikołaj (1726-1801). Ryt. ; Schleuen, Johann David (ca 1720-1774). Ryt.


Joannes Jacobus Kanter

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Regiomonti (Kaliningrad)

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Scale [ca 1:675 000] ; 1 map on 16 sheets : copperplate engraving, hand col. ; each sheet 44x50 cm + text: 1 leaf ; 48x60 cm ; Copy without: sheet 1 (with sheet index) and sheet 5 and leaf with text (Tabella Wszystkie Wojewodztwa, Ziemie Powiaty y Starostwa, Oraz y Rzeki pryncypalne vv sobie zavvieraiaca = Tabula, Palatinatus, Terras, Districtus, Capitaneatus et Fluvios Notatu Digniores Exhibens) ; According to Dzieje Kartografii Polskiej od XV do XVIII wieku / Karol Buczek map was published in 1771 ; Title, author and place of publication in Latin, legend of map and geographical names in Polish

Subject and Keywords:

political and administrative divisions ; chorographic maps ; 18th century ; Poland ; Lithuania

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xx002495806 ; CBGiOŚ. IGiPZ PAN, call no. B.1645[3] ; click here to follow the link


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