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The present and future state of the climate in Poland and Bulgaria


Europa XXI 29 (2015)


Kuchcik, Magdalena



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29 cm ; Każdy numer posiada własny tytuł.

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zmiany klimatu ; prognoza ; temperatura powietrza ; opady ; Bułgaria ; Polska


This paper presents contemporary climatic conditions over the years 2000-2014, as well as predictions for climate change up to 2100 in the cases of 6 meteorological stations located in Poland and 6 in Bulgaria. The present climates of Poland and Bulgaria differ markedly in terms of ranges of air temperature, numbers of non-frosty days and sums for active temperatures above 5 and 10°C, though they prove to be similar as regards rainfall totals. In contrast, predictions suggest that climatic differences between the two countries will grow, most especially as a consequence of the forecast reduction in precipitation totals for Bulgaria.


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