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Title: „Ciągle ścigam cenę samochodu” – oficjalna dystrybucja samochodów w Polsce 1980–1989


Wilk, Hubert (1979– ) ORCID

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Polska 1944/45-1989 : studia i materiały 13 (2015)


Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences


Instytut Historii PAN

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p. 145-166 ; Tables included [3] ; Summary eng., pol.

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In 1981 in Poland a new system of distribution of cars of Polish production was introduced, based on a prepayment system. The sale of 600.000 Polski Fiat 126p, 125p, FSO Polonez and still manufactured Syrena was planned. All people wanting to buy those cars had to make an advance payment of a part of the due price into special bank accounts, while the rest of the sum was to be paid in equal monthly installments. Within one month of the system operation Poles opened over 1.5 million those special accounts which meant that the planned quota of cars was exceeded more than two times, and the delivery date was delayed for few years. At the same time the constantly increasing price of a new car required the future car owners to expect an extra charge for the price on collection of the car. The Act of February 1982 made it possible to distribute cars on the basis of special vouchers that is personal permissions to buy cars. They were distributed among disabled persons, miners, physicians, veterinarians, but also journalists. Annually, up to several dozens of percent of cars allocated to the Polish market were distributed in this way. The third way to get the dream car was to pay for it in American dollars in so-called “internal export.” But also in this case the large number of payments made by people resulted in several months of delay. Dissatisfied Poles wanting to legally buy cars sent letters to the state institutions, complaining about the distribution systems, but also about the car prices at auctions, frequently exceeding the official prices by several tens or hundreds of percent.


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Polska 1944/45-1989 : studia i materiały



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