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Intrapopulation relations and regulation of numbers in forest rodents


Intrapopulation relations in rodents ; Stosunki wewnątrzpopulacyjne i regulacja liczebności u drobnych gryzoni leśnych


Trojan, Przemysław


Polska Akademia Nauk. Komitet Ekologiczny


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Strony 143-168 : ilustracje ; 24 cm ; Bibliografia na stronach 165-166 ; Streszczenie w języku polskim

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Gryzonie -- ekologia ; populacje ; liczebność ; Rodentia


The relations between resident and migrating individuals were examined in respect of three species of small rodents. In the case of Apodemua agrarius (Pall.) these relations are tolerant, whereas in the case of Apodemus flavicollis (Melch.) the migrants are energetically repelled by the resident individuals. In the case of Clethrionomys glareolus (Schreb.) relations between the two categories of rodents become antagonistic with increasing occupation of the area by the resident individuals. The connections between resident and migrating rodents form the intrapopulation mechanism regulating numbers, the action of which depends on the intensity of antagonistic relations, the density of the resident part of the population and the degree of its residency. With A. agrarius the regulation of numbers is weakest, with C. glareolus, the strongest, while with A. flavicollis it is intermediate in degree between the first two species.


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