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Title: Polish Successful Migrants and Their Experiences in the Western Europe Metropolitan Areas


Posern-Zieliński, Aleksander

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Ethnologia Polona 38 2017 (2018)


Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences

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The aim of the paper is to present some of the results of a research project on the adaptation strategy of Polish migrants living in five west European capitals (Berlin, Dublin, London, Oslo, and Stockholm). The target group was composed of migrants who had settled in host countries either before and after the accession of Poland into EU. The migrants selected for the investigation belong to the category of well integrated and successful people. The central aim of the study is to present the mechanisms and circumstances of the process of achieving success. The migrants’ success is identified here in two ways: according to objective criteria (social and economic advances), and in terms of emic perspectives, disclosing a subjective satisfaction of migrants and their feelings of well-being. Another topic discussed in the paper is the transnational context of the adaptation and integration process. The importance of social and cultural capital brought by migrants from their country of origin and their openness and positive attitude toward the receiving country is also delineated. One of the most interesting findings is that migrant success is more often achieved in the context of relative isolation from the ethnic community (diaspora) established in the host country. At the same time the “migrants of success” participate frequently in an unformal social network of ethnic relations and continue to maintain ties with the home country


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