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Title: Dynamics of phytoplankton biomass in two lakes of a different limnological character


Wojciechowska, Władysława

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Dynamics of phytoplankton biomass in two lakes


Polska Akademia Nauk. Instytut Ekologii


Polish Scientific Publishers

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Pages 237-252 : illustrations ; 24 cm ; Bibliographical references (pages 250-252) ; Abstract in Polish

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The changes in total biomass of phytoplankton and nannoplankton are presented. The study was conducted in two lakes of the Lublin region: in a-mesotrophic, holomictic Lake Piaseczno and in eutrophic, polimictic Lake Bikcze. The biomasses were the highest in spring and in summer, and the lowest in winter. Nannoplankton contribution was the greatest from autumn till early spring. The changes in the percentage of systematic groups depended on the season of the year and on the lake.


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