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Title: Aerosol interception by forest canopy in a highly industrialized region


Kwiecień, Małgorzata

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Aerosol interception by forest in industrialized region


Polska Akademia Nauk. Instytut Ekologii


Polish Scientific Publishers

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Pages 561-577 : illustrations ; 24 cm ; Bibliographical references (pages 576-577) ; Abstract in Polish

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This is a new method of estimating aerosol interception by forest canopy. The aerosols trapped by the canopy of a pine-oak forest (Pino-Quercetum association) averaged 199.22 kg · ha-1, vegetation season-1 which was equal to 40.52% of all inorganic dust fall on the forest floor. The aerosols were an additional source of elements, e.g. of nitrogen -15.07 kg · ha-1 · vegetation season-1. At the same time the mean input of nitrogen from the atmosphere was 15.26 kg · ha-1 · vegetation season-1 in the heavier dust fraction and in rain.


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