Title: Lipid content and energetic equivalent as a measure of reproductive effort in two species of Tribolium


Prus, Mirosława ; Prus, Tadeusz ; Bijok, Paweł

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Lipid content and energetic equivalent


Polska Akademia Nauk. Instytut Ekologii


Oficyna Wydawnicza Instytutu Ekologii PAN

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Dziekanów Leśny


Pages 217-225 ; 24 cm ; Bibliographical references (pages 224-225) ; Abstract in Polish

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Comparison was made between two ways of estimation of reproductive effort using relationships between progeny and the parental female. Both lipid content and energetic value yield consistent results of reproductive effort differences both between instar groups and between different species. The cost of maturation and eclosion was calculated as based on the loss of energy or lipid content. This cost is higher in 7-instar groups (over 55%) and it is true for both sexes in the two species.


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