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Title: Plan der Stadt Danzig : Angefertigt im Jahre 1921

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[Między 1925 i 1927]

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Wolne Miasto Gdańsk. Städtisches Vermessungsamt. Block Direktor


Scale 1:10 000 ; 1 map : color ; 118 x 77 cm, on sheet 125 x 74 cm + Legend of signs and symbols: 1 leaf, 22 x 20 cm ; Title from the map. Date of creation of the document determined on the basis of the information from the Explanation of signs: the Polish post office at the main railway station in Gdańsk is marked - a makeshift room from 1 / VII 1925] and a building under construction for this office opened in 1927 ; Orientation NE ; Manuscript map drawn on the background: Plan der Stadt Danzig Angefertigt im Jahre 1921 / Städtisches Vermessungsamt Block Direktor. Danzig : Verlag A.W. Kafemann G.m.b.H, 1921 (Berlin : Gisaldruck D. Lith. Anst v. Bogdan Gisevius) ; There are hand-written marks including: existing and planned Polish post offices, offices of the Commissioner General of the Republic of Poland, waterways and the proposed line of the port zone in the postal concept <br> <br> <br> ; Map in German, handwritten text attachment in Polish

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CBGiOŚ. IGiPZ PAN, call no. D.11566 [pl.m.156] ; click here to follow the link


ger ; pol


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