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Monopis fenestratella (Heyden, 1863) (Lepidoptera, Tineidae) - new records from Poland, with notes on species biology


Fragmenta Faunistica, vol. 54, no. 2 ; Monopis fenestratella (Heyden, 1863) (Lepidoptera, Tineidae) - nowy dla fauny Polski gatunek mola ; Monopis fenestratella in Poland


Jaworski, Tomasz ; Gryz, Jakub ; Buszko, Jarosław


Polska Akademia Nauk. Muzeum i Instytut Zoologii


Museum and Institute of Zoology, PAS

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Bibliogr.: p. 151 ; P. 149-151 : ill. color. ; 25 cm ; Abstracts in Polish. Taxa in Latin

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Monopis fenestratella ; Monopis ; Tineidae ; Lepidoptera ; butterflies and moths ; lepidopterans ; Insecta ; insects ; Poland ; new species to the Polish fauna ; Strix aluco ; Tawny Owl ; keratophagy ; faunistics


Monopis fenestratella (Heyden) was recorded from two localities in Poland. One specimen was captured in 2001, and additionally 5 specimens were reared in 2009 from the detritus collected from a tawny owl (Strix aluco L.) nest box. Comments on species biology are given.


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