Ultra Long-Lived Electron -Hole Separation within Water-Soluble Colloidal ZnO Nanocrystals : Prospective Applications for Solar Energy Production


Lewiński, Janusz ; Sá , Jacinto


Cieślak, Anna, M ; Pavliuk, Mariia V ; D’Amario, Luca ; Abdellah, V ; Sokołowski, Kamil ; Rybinska, Urszula ; Fernandes, Daniel L. A ; Leszczyński, Michał K ; Mamedov, Fikret ; El-Zhory, Ahmed M. ; Föhlinger,Jens ; Budinská, Alena ; Wolska-Pietkiewicz, Małgorzata ; Hammarström, Leif

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Water -soluble colloidal ZnO nanocrystals ; Ultra long-lived electron-hole separation ; Advanced laser based spectroscopy ; Solar energy production prospectus

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