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File of histopathological evaluation of nervous system diseases (1963) - nr 160/63

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Department of Experimental and Clinical Neuropathology MMRI


Osetowska, Ewa Prof. dr med

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Clinical, anatomical and histological diagnosis

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Inflammations bacterial


Histological diagnosis: Meningo-encephalitis purulenta metastatica. Haemorrhagia subara- chnoidealis et cerebralis. Histological diagnosis: Meningo-encephalitis purulenta metastatica. Haemorrhagia subara- chnoidealis et cerebralis.Autopsy examination of 13-year-old patient was performed. Neuropathological evaluation in light microscopy was based on brain paraffin sections stained with Hematoxylin-eosin, Heidenhain and van Gieson method.A case with a very complex morphological picture consisting mainly of an inflammatory component and a hemorrhagic component. In addition to the subarachnoid hemorrhage, an extensive hemorrhagic focus was found. The edges of the focus filled by the hematoma were smooth. Longitudinal spongiform necrosis was found at some distance from the focus, particularly in the occipital region. In addition, small circular extrusion hemorrhages were seen in this area. Numerous scattered micro abscesses were observed along the entire cortex, mostly without evident vascular association. In the white matter, these foci were fewer, with only one single foci in the bulb. Mixed purulent-hemorrhagic foci were found in the right temporal lobe and in the meninges of the left Sylvian fossa, with hemorrhage predominating. All vessels had altered, thickened walls with prominent collagen proliferation, often vitrified, with stimulated endothelium. Occasionally, mesodermal organization was evident in the parenchymal hemorrhage. Secondary parenchymal defects.

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