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File of histopathological evaluation of nervous system diseases (1963) - nr 12/63

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Department of Experimental and Clinical Neuropathology MMRI


Osetowska, E. Doc dr med.

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Clinical, anatomical and histological diagnosis

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Vascular disease- hemorrhages,aneurysms


Histological diagnosis: Lacunae postapoplecticae lobi frontalis dextrae. Laesio vasogenes recens cum haemo rrhagiae punctatae in regione nucleorum basalium dextrorum. Arteriosclerosis cum statu lacunare incipiente. Autopsy examination of 60-year-old patient was performed. Neuropathological evaluation in light microscopy was based on brain paraffin sections stained with Hematoxylin-eosin, orcein, van Gieson, and Griedley’s method.A large focus of complete tissue disintegration was found within the white matter and cortex. Connective tissue and glial elements such as collagen fibers, glial fibers, fibroblasts, macrophages, astroglia, and oligoglial were visible at the edges of the cavity. However, the overall picture was rather poor in morphological elements. The focus of disintegration contained an increased network of capillaries. A second cavity of similar structure was located in close proximity. The described focus of disintegration was located in a tissue with a pale, loosened structure. Numerous vessels surrounded by discrete cell infiltrates, lymphocyte-like and small hemorrhages were present. In several small vessels, clusters of leukocytes were visible among the red blood cells. The vessels, especially in the putamen, were surrounded by small cavities. Fibrous and vitreous type lesions were present in many vessels. Nerve cells in the cortex near the focus showed ischemic damage, while nerve cells in the basal nuclei were steatotic. Amyloid bodies were visible in all specimens, most abundantly accumulated around the vessels.

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