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File of histopathological evaluation of nervous system diseases (1963) - nr 81/63

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Department of Experimental and Clinical Neuropathology MMRI


Mossakowski, M.J dr

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Clinical, anatomical and histological diagnosis

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Encephalopathia & Myelopathia


Histological diagnosis: Coma. Cirrhosis hepatis.Autopsy examination of 70-year-old patient was performed. Neuropathological evaluation in light microscopy was based on brain paraffin sections stained with Hematoxylin-eosin and Heidenhain method.The morphological picture of the case was dominated by 3 main features:1/ generalized edema, which was particularly massive in the white matter. Perivascular brightening was evident, partly the consequence of perivascular necrosis and partly the result of widening of the perivascular space.2/ Diffuse, very massive cellular defects were found mainly in the cortex, but also in the basal nuclei and cerebellar dentate nucleus. No glial proliferation filling the cavities was observed. In the ammonal cortex, atrophy was found in the Sommer H3 layer. The rest of the nerve cells showed advanced ischemic type damage. Abundant steatosis was present in cells of the thalamus and dentate nucleus.3/ Abundant glial proliferation was found in the white matter of the cerebral hemispheres and cerebellum and in the white matter of the brainstem.The greatest proliferation of cells was observed in the subcortical layer and in the cerebellar lobes. Perivascular thickening of oligodendroglial cells was observed. There was prominent, generalized damage to astrocyte protrusions in both white and gray matter. The vessels were characterized by thickened, fibrotic walls. Perivascular necrosis was noted.Note: The findings were a combination of vascular and hepatic lesions.

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