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Title: ‘Tourism Geographies are moving out’ – A comment on the current state of Institutional Geographies of Tourism Geographies


Müller, Dieter K.

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Geographia Polonica Vol. 87 No. 3 (2014)



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Tourism geographies are a vibrant field of scientific inquiry. Despite this, it is obvious that the sub-discipline is met with disinterest within geography departments, at the same time as tourism geographers are welcomed and acknowledged within the wider tourism community. This article offers some reflections and an institutional perspective on the tourism–geography nexus. This is accomplished by reviewing the institutional and geographical affiliations of authors in the journal Tourism Geographies. It is shown that tourism geographies are successful globally, but for various reasons are increasingly marginalized within geography departments. Hence, it is concluded that tourism geographies seem to be moving out of geography departments, which may turn out to deprive students of learning about the geography of a major driver of global and regional change.


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