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Publication description

Uroboros : biology between mythology and philosophy

Publication structure:
  • Ługowski, Włodzimierz (1952- ). Red., 1998, Uroboros or biology between mythology and philosophy
    • Ługowski, Włodzimierz (1952- ). Red., 1998, Uroboros or biology between mythology and philosophy. Contents
    • Ługowski, Włodzimierz (1952- ), 1998, In venenoso Dracone summam medicinam inesse, or on the mythology and philosophy of biology
    • Salthe, Stanley N., 1998, Science as the basis of a new mythological understanding
    • Vollmer, Gerhard, 1998, The limits of biology
    • Durali, Teoman, 1998, Philosophy-Science from the biotic standpoint
    • Mullins, Dail W., 1998, The mythology of Western scientific materialism and the rise of the evolutionary epic
    • Kamminga, Harmke, 1998, Theory construction in biology. The case of the origin of life
    • Matsuno, Koichiro, 1998, The uncertainty principle and the origins of life: an odd couple
    • Fleischaker, Gail R., 1998, The myth of the putative 'first organism'
    • Muller, Anthonie W. J., 1998, Thermosynthesis: where biology meets thermodynamics
    • Salthe, Stanley N., 1998, Formal considerations on the origin of life
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    • Klonowski, Włodzimierz, 1998, Omnis félicitas ex felicitate: physicalistic concept of happiness