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The collection includes full texts of monographs from the collection of the Central Mathematical Library. Most of this collection are monographs, dissertations and textbooks published mainly in the 19th century. The texts included in the collection are of an interdisciplinary nature, they cover not only the mathematics discipline, but also other exact and natural sciences, as well as logic and philosophy. Mathematics is applied in all areas of science. Many of the digitized copies can be classified as unique due to the handwritten signatures, dedications, notes and stamps of their subsequent owners.
The collected works of selected authors are also a significant part. Publications of this type are published split into individual articles, along with the belonging bibliographic description. This makes it easier to reach a specific title faster and allows you to avoid opening and searching a large file with the content of all the articles collected in the entire volume.
Among the published documents, we can find texts in Polish, Latin, German, English, French, Russian and Italian.



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