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Data on the properties of the atmosphere form the basis of meteorology and are the starting point for climate change research. Reliable observations, carried out in a large number of places around the world, give a picture of the state of the Earth's climate only after many years. To assess this state and its changes, millions of individual observations are needed to provide the starting point for more advanced analyses. Today it is the norm to obtain such data automatically, but in the past this work was done by people reading measurements from simple devices and observing the state of the weather. Observations obtained in this way were transferred and initially processed as paper copies. Over time, after decades, they acquired additional significance and became the basis for contemporary studies of long-term climate change.

Some types of such data are presented on the RCIN platform in their original or pre-processed form as scans of paper originals. These are, for example, reports on air and ground temperature, wind, sunshine, monthly lists of meteorological observations or climatograms.



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