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The collection contains a various archives items gathered in the scientific institutes that create the RCIN Platform. These are often very valuable and unique source materials, illustrating scientific activities and various aspects of the history of science and culture. We can find here materials that document many years of activity of the Institutes and their employees. These are, among others activity reports, materials from conferences organized by the Institutes, collected in the archives of the legacy of famous scientists, materials from exhibitions, competitions and meetings, as well as catalogs, folders and posters. The legacy materials collected over the years are often unpublished individual photos of researchers and group photos taken during scientific events. They are also materials documenting the work of scientists during field work and business trips as well as during less formal meetings, such as trips. Among these materials, one can also find scientific data in the form of notes, photos or charts made by famous scientists during their field research. They are also often very valuable and unique source materials to the history of science, culture and the history of Polish lands.



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