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The ‘Scientific data and objects’ collection embraces numerous sub-collections of the RCIN Consortium partners, varied both in terms of the research scope (both the humanities and the natural and medical sciences are represented) and types of data/artifact/specimens presented. Not only the textual information or analysis results are available here, but also (and in distinctly prevailing number) photos, scans and recordings. You can find here a.o. digital representations of archaeological or industrial heritage objects, botanical and zoological specimens as well as geological samples. Some photos of the specimens, especially those taken using light or electron microscope, are not only of a great scientific value, but are simply visually attractive and, by their beauty, may seduce the public even from outside the world of science. Many ‘citizen science’ enthusiasts can discover something for themselves here: among these collections, photos of butterflies, beetles, flies, bird eggs, seeds and fruits, but also botanical drawings or a database of mills can be found. Interesting stories ‘written’ in amber (by biological inclusions), fossils of dinosaur-era crabs and many more can be found here, too.



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