Block 20 [J.F./18]


Block 20 [J.F./18]

Type of object:

flint block

Archaelogical site:

Rydno settlement complex


Grzybowa Góra, U Wygonu, Cutting XI/ 1959

Characteristics of the object- technique:

opposed platform blade method

Characteristics of the object- raw material:

chocolate flint

Characteristics of the object- colour:

4/1 10YR

Characteristics of the object- transparency:


Characteristics of the object- fracture:


Characteristics of the object- luster:

smooth surface

Characteristics of the object- cortex:


Characteristics of the object- width:

52 mm

Characteristics of the object- thickness:

67 mm

Characteristics of the object- length:

163 mm

Characteristics of the object- weight:

307 g

Object description:

The refitted block illustrates the trimming and processing of an opposed platform core, which counts 41 fitting elements (including small fragments). The trimming includes the preparation of the back of the core, one side and two striking platforms. The process has been reconstructed with 19 fitting flakes. The exploitation is documented by seven refitted blades. Apart from these refitted were three platform rejuvenation flakes and a burin with a burin facet

Research Manager/ Creator of Collection:

Schild, Romuald

Author (of drawing, photo, record):

Fiedorczuk, Jan



Place of publication of results:

J. Fiedorczuk, 2006: Final Paleolithic Camp Organization: as seen from the Perspective of Lithic Artifacts Refittings, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Siences, Warsaw






Atlas skał

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oai:rcin.org.pl:87939 ; oai:rcin.org.pl:87939


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