Tytuł: Chrematonimia Jasnej Góry i jej uwarunkowania kulturowe


Jaros, Violetta

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Instytut Języka Polskiego Polskiej Akademii Nauk

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568 s.


The subject of the paper is the description of proper nouns denoting different objects located in Jasna Góra Monastery of the Pauline Order in Częstochowa. Nomina propria refer to the buildings, includingtheir external (basilica, bastions, gates, museums, buildings, bells) and internal (porches, chapels, halls)elements and also to such objects as high altars and bye-altars, sculptures, wall paintings and easel paintings,cycles of polychrome on wall and vault paintings and medallions. The discussed chrematonymsinclude, among others, patrocinia, hagionyms, ideonyms, teonyms. Taking into consideration a motivationaspect, the analyzed proper nouns can be generally divided into two groups. The first one are thenames directly connected with the sphere of the sacred, formed from onyms of different provenance(e.g. the persons of the Trinity, Mary, the Bible, names of saints and blesseds, including patron saints ofPoland, distinguished brethren of the Pauline Order, priors of Jasna Góra Monastery) and derived fromcommon names (e.g. connected with the scenes from the lives of saints and blessed, Marian symbols).The second group are the names not directly connected with the sphere of the sacred derived from onyms(e.g. names of lay founders of different objects in the sanctuary complex) and common names connectedwith the history of the foundation of the monastery and its history, including the siege of Jasna Góraby the Swedes in 1655 or location of designates. The article was written from a diachronic perspectivewhich allowed for the inclusion of the original names of some objects. Therefore, in the onomastic andcultural analysis the variations of the names were included, such as, chapel of the Jabłonowski family/Holy Guardian Angels, Sacred Heart of Jesus/Our Lady of Kodeń.

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10.17651/ONOMAST2018.14 ;




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