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Title: State of knowledge of the tachinid fauna of Eastern Asia, with new data from North Korea. Part V. Exoristinae


Draber-Mońko, Agnieszka

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Warsaw ; 2015

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Exoristinae tachinids from Eastern Asia ; Stan wiedzy o faunie rączyc (Diptera, Tachinidae) Azji Wschodniej, z uwzględnieniem nowych danych z Korei Północnej. Część V. Exoristinae ; Fragmenta Faunistica, vol. 58, no. 2


Museum and Institute of Zoology Polish Academy of Sciences


Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS

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P. 79-98 : ill. ; 25 cm ; Bibliogr. p. 96-98.

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The present paper is a continuation of earlier papers concerning the Tachinidae collected in North Korea bysix expeditions of researchers from the Institute of Zoology PAS, Warsaw, Poland. Twenty four species representing 20 genera of the subfamily Exoristinae have been identified in the material collected. Eighteen species are reported inthe fauna of Korea for the first time.


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