Title: Odmładzanie socjalizmu : wokół polityki kadrowej i legitymizacji schyłkowego PRL


Przeperski, Michał (1986- )

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Article : original article


Polska 1944/45-1989 : studia i materiały 13 (2015)


Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences


Instytut Historii PAN

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p. 167-186 ; Summary eng., pol.


The article is devoted to the process of “betting on youth” by the state authorities in the last years of the Polish People’s Republic (PPR). Seeking to legitimize their power and to achieve wider involvement of society in it, Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski’s team acted in a chaotic and indecisive way. At the same time, the process of erosion broke up various centers representing interests of different groups of the Polish society, thus leading to obvious competition and confrontation. The government established in the autumn of 1988 by Mieczysław Rakowski, being an idea to “technocratise” the declining Polish People’s Republic, made more courageous eff orts. Not only to renew the cadres of the state-party apparatus, but also to refresh a public discourse by appealing to the dynamism and enterprise of the society. Here, initially, the last authorities of the PPR had some successes but due to the decay of the Polish economy as well as inconsistency of their own actions and the burden of 45 years of communism in Poland, they proved to be short-lived. The mission of M. Rakowski’s cabinet ended in failure, but the rejuvenated personnel stayed.


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Polska 1944/45-1989 : studia i materiały



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