Title: Small mammals in the diet of owlsin the Masovian Landscape Park and its adjacent areas


Drobne ssaki w diecie sów w Mazowieckim Parku Krajobrazowym i na terenach przyległych ; Fragmenta Faunistica, vol. 59, no. 2


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The diet of three owl species was analysed in 32 sites localised in the Masovian Landscape Park and its outskirts to determine the structure of small mammal communities. Study was done in the years 1993–2016, 5,728 vertebrate prey (including 4,001 mammals) were collected. Five species of soricomorphs, six bats, 14 rodents and one species of Carnivora were found. Among mammals, Myodes glareolus had the greatest share in the diet of Strix aluco. Tyto alba most frequently caught Microtus arvalis and Sorex araneus, while Asio otus – M. arvalis and M. oeconomus. Those prey, together with Apodemus flavicollis and A. agrarius, dominated in small mammal communities. One site of Crocidura leucodon was found on the western edge of its range in Poland. The share of bats in the diet of S. aluco was small (0.5% of mammals), Plecotus auritus was most frequent. Muscardinus avellanarius was found in forests of the southern part of the Masovian Landscape Park. It was relatively often caught by S. aluco in favourable habitats. Shares of M. oeconomus, M. agrestis and M. avellanarius in the diet of owls were significantly higher in southern part of the study area remote from Warsaw.


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