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Title: Long-term changes in the abundance and structure of the community of planktonic Rotifera in a humic lake, as a result of liming


Ejsmont-Karabin, Jolanta

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Long-term changes


Polska Akademia Nauk. Instytut Ekologii


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Dziekanów Leśny


Pages 39-51 : illustrations ; 24 cm ; Bibliographical references (pages 50-51) ; Abstract in Polish

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Work carried out at Lake Flosek – a smalI, humic mid-forest lake – involved an assessment of the scale and permanence of the changes wrought in the rotifer fauna by the liming of the lake carried out in 1970. In all the years of the study, the rotifer community remained typical for humic lakes, being dominated by species preferring low pH, having low abundance and low species diversity. However, the factor considered to determine such characteristics was not the reaction of the water (neutral or even weakly alkaline), but rather the low trophy of the lake. The changes that were observed in the rotifer community after 1966 would seem to have been a consequence of the paucity of algal food and of strong control of both the "top-down" and "bottom-up" types. The elevation of the pH associated with liming was directly implicated in the reconstruction of the species composition of rotifer communities by way of changes in the food base.


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