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Title: Problemy granic państwowych w postkolonialnej Afryce


Kosidło, Adam (1947– ) ORCID

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Dzieje Najnowsze : [kwartalnik poświęcony historii XX wieku], R. 52 z. 4 (2020)


Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences

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p. 117-142 ; Summary in English. ; Abstract in Polish and English.

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The problem of borders in Africa is not related to the false fact that they are ‘artificial’ or ‘young’, for in their majority they are older than those of European countries, but to the fact that they were created by Europeans and even today the process of their delimitation, and especially demarcation, has not been completed. Their permanence is confirmed by the accepted principle uti possidetis,emphasised many times in the judgments of the International Court of Justice in Hague and resolutions of the United Nations. Treating borders differently in Africa can lead to territorial revisionism and conflicts, ending even in wars.


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Dzieje Najnowsze : [kwartalnik poświęcony historii XX wieku]





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