Title: Population growth induced by disturbance in the ecological structure of the population


Petrusewicz, Kazimierz

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Disturbance in the structure of the population ; Wzrost populacji indukowany przez zakłócenie ekologicznej struktury populacji


Polska Akademia Nauk. Komitet Ekologiczny


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Pages 87-125 : illustrations ; 24 cm ; Bibliographical references (page 122) ; Abstract in Polish


Confined populations of mice were used 10 experiments (repeated 264 times) in which either several virgin mice were added or several mice removed for the period of one week, In 65 percent of the experiments (versus 32% of controls) there was a numeric al growth of the population, Numerical growth started in experiments at higher population levels than in controls. Population fecundity and survival of the young were after an experiment greater than before. The suggestion is made that the experimental shock breacks down the ecological structure of the population and thereby promotes numerical growth.


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