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Title: Gauri Dance, Bhils (Iconographic document)


Demski, Dagnosław

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Udaipur ; Udaipur District ; Rajasthan


Photography (scan from a slide). Fragment of a tribal feast of Bhils dedicated to the goddess Gauri. The festival lasts for about 40 days and takes place during the rainy season. Every day a group of men from the tribe is dancing in the next village. The culminating celebration in this region takes place on the outskirts of Udaipur and within a few hours of dancing and playing a scene from tribal mythology, the most of them connected with life of a deity Rai Budiya. At the end, after the procession holy figure of the goddess Gauri is thrown into the water. In the picture are a few of the actors-participants in the ceremony. In the foreground is a group of actors - mostly young - playing a hunting scene. Everyone is wearing green leaves and is armed with a weapon - bows, sticks or spears. Behind them are standing the elders dressed in white, wearing white or yellow turbans. All the actors are singing, and people are in a state of rapture. Before them and in the background you can see the audience - women and children-seated and standing around a designated space on the stage. Around the square, where is located the scene, you can see rural buildings

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part 2, box 1, 0007


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