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Title: Rural architecture and garments


Demski, Dagnosław

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Fotografie przedstawiające mieszkańców Gudżartu i Radżistanu oraz pakistańskiej prowincji Sind. Szeroki wybór zdjęć przedstawia krajobraz, budynki, przestrzenie wiejskie, portrety, wybrane obrzędy, ubiory codzienne jak i odświętne oraz ikonografię. Wykonano je w latach 1989, 1992, 1994 i 1996. Jest to zapis pracy etnografa, jak również miejsc – wsi i świątyń, w których był przyjmowany prof. Dagnosław Demski. Zdjęcia stanowią cenny zapis zmiany profesji, porzucenie starych zabudowań oraz zmianę tradycyjnego ubioru


Temple in honor of Karneji Mata (Iconographic document)

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Obrazy Indii i Pakistanu-Pasterze rabari

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Photo (scan from slide). The Karni Mata Temple in Deshnok is dedicated to the goddess Karni Mata, the guardian deity of the Rathor Rajputs. The temple is known for the fact that religious practices are conducted by sorcerers, and the area of ​​the temple and its surroundings is inhabited by rats. In this enclave surrounded by walls, rats are fed. The faithful bring offerings to the goddess in the form of food. They are waiting for their gifts to be eaten by the rats. It is connected with the belief that animals, in this case rats, symbolically represent deceased ancestors and relatives. Their behavior is a sign of the state of the soul of the deceased after death. The photo shows the space right in front of the altar door. The figure of the goddess not visible in the photo is on the right. In front of the door there is a place for sacrifice in the sand and a number of rats eating the sacrifices. To the left of them, on the stone floor sit the temple priest Czaran and pilgrims offering sacrifices.

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Demski, Dagnosław



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India part 3, box 23, 0061


Obrazy Indii i Pakistanu

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