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Title: Image of Mommai Mata (Iconographic document)


Demski, Dagnosław

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Chakar ; Kutch District ; Gujarat


Photography (scan from a slide). Altar with images of the goddess Mommai Mata. The main is a bas-relief painted with ocher and adorned in robes. On her face eyes are marked and so called ''third eye” too. Before her is the metal sculpture of the goddess on a camel. On the left you can see chromolithograph with the image of the goddess also driven by a camel. Before the images lie different hardware devices used in rituals and ceremonies. The altar is located in Hindu temple built by Hothi Rajputs from the neighboring village of Mota Bandra, which is used during the rite of Mommai Mata by kachchi rabari. Temple is located in a valley surrounded by hills. Here take place characteristic rabari night ceremonies in the autumn season (Aso Sud 7). During the night ceremony gather around 150-200 people , and surrounded by a cordon of all the camels. For the rabaris Mommai Mata is the patron deity of caring riding a camel

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part 1, box 8, 0002


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