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Title: Image of Mommai Mata (Iconographic document)


Demski, Dagnosław

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Chakar ; Kutch District ; Gujarat


Photography (scan from a slide). Altar with images of the goddess Mommai Mata . The main one is a bas-relief painted with ocher and adorned in robes. On her face are marked eyes so called ' third eye ' . Before her a metal sculpture of the goddess on a camel . On the left you can see chromolithograph with the image of the goddess also driving by a camel . Before the images are lying different hardware devices used in rituals and ceremonies . On the back you can see other figures of deities painted in red. The altar is in a Hindu temple built by Hothi Rajputs from the neighboring village of Mota Bandra , and is used during the rite ofs Mommai mata by kachchi rabari . Temple is located in a valley surrounded by hills. Here take place characteristic rabari night ceremonies in the autumn season ( data. ... ) . During the night ceremony 150-200 people gather around her, and surrounded by a cordon of all the camels . For shepherds rabari Mommai mata is tutelary deity represented as riding a camel

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part 1, box 11, 0012


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