Title: [A multigenerational family] [An iconographic document]

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The photo shows a numerous family sitting at a table in front of the house. It is covered with a white tablecloth and there are drinking glasses placed on it. Around the table five women and a man are sitting. There are also two women standing: one by the door, the other next to the man. The woman on the left-hand-side that is holding a cigarette is dressed in a white jersey with a loose tie and a black skirt. The rest are wearing festive clothes. You can also see four children of different ages. There are babies the arms of one woman and a man. In the background there is a whitewashed rural cottage with dark-coloured window and door frames ; According to its owner, this is a family photo taken in the yard next to the stables, in front of the summer kitchen. It shows grandmother Józefa (...), the eldest in the family, surrounded by her daughters, grandchildren, daughter- and son-in-law. The parents of the photo’s owner are also present on it. She herself, aged no more than one year, is being held on her father’s laps ; On the back of the photo, there is an inscription: A photo of the (...) family, Józefa (...), Sławomira (...), daughter of Józefa [and] Władysław with two children, standing Kazimiera and Anna, sitting Genowefa and Leon (...), also sitting [is] grandmother’s granddaughter Irena, Hanka and Longina. And me on my father’s laps ; The photo sent to the contest named “Photography of the Polish village pre-1948” organized in 1983 by the quarterly “Fotografia” (Photography) and the weekly “Nowa Wieś” (New village). Copy of the photo kept at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (former Institute for the History of Material Culture)

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